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Pets Pets

by Gamenight

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Comes wrapped in a reusable plastic wrap with artwork by Brandon Manis. The shipping cost is $2.50. If you are in the Knoxville area, we'll bring it to you and reimburse you for the shipping cost.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Pets Pets via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Cassette + Digital Album

    Gamenight's newest album PETS PETS is available on cassette courtesy of Better Days Will Haunt You. It is shipped with a free download code for digital goodness. The shipping cost is $2. If you are in the Knoxville area, we'll bring it to you and reimburse you for the shipping cost.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Pets Pets via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 3 days
    Purchasable with gift card

      $8 USD or more 


  • Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    Purchasable with gift card

      $8 USD  or more


Fiddling with my fingernails wishing it was my foot on the gas pushed down. Go from slow to fast so time will pass. Backseat driving looking out for the brake lights shining, don’t trust those hands on the steering wheel, don’t know where they’ve been. Walk into the apartment five per cup my allotment. I’ll need every ounce of this and then repeat to make it through all the stories. I don’t need to hear what you’ve been doing all week. Just wanna forget how I’ve become involved in another mess I’ve made. I’ve figured out nothing more, but it’s not your fault. Feel it fall, never claimed to have my life all figured out. It’s arduous, still won’t say that it’s all your fault. Forge, be alone. Can’t unravel if you burn the ends, the ends, just the ends. Look o’er your shoulder. Headlights burn and burn till we turn again.
Now it’s all in my mind. Make myself feel different. Oh, you laid it out trying to explain all your doubts. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I thought when I was growing up, seemed like it was easy enough. Stored my thoughts in a shoebox sat up in my closet; collected dust made mountains on top. I opened it and sneezed when the dust blew. I saw how my younger self sees you. I could tell just by the look of it that you were under influence. Watch you stumble, look into your glass, tequila and fake eyelashes. I could tell. Standing on the left side in a room full of pantomime silhouettes by laser light, I’m ready to call it a night. Go outside to pass time and see why I feel different. Oh I look at you, already knowing we’re through.
Finagling 04:01
All the ways that I’m upended, flip all summer long. All the ways that we defend it, say we’ll sing a different song. Called you up, you were in the middle of hearing stories of bad luck said, “no other place to go but up.” With eyes wide, shut me down, spinning heads keep spinning ‘round. Walking faster to get there now. Give me that early morning world. Claim to think that all we have is time, get home too late to unwind. Give me that early morning girl. Can’t meander all night long, get till the getting’s gone. Restless scramble until dawn. Scan the room to find my drink to keep from having to think. Finagle my story; don’t let it sink. Take this whole collection. Take it home, just go home. Close my eyes and spin to spin to sleep, just don’t call. I’ll wake up when the sun comes up. Hard to bring all I've been finagling. Write it out, and start to sing. Pick and choose from all of the night dreams with eyes wide shut.
Start the playback, get on the train go from track to track. All the time we put in to come back. We can’t make it sound different than it is when we turn on the faucet and let it pour. Take it, or leave it at the record store. Packing up, we get excited to drive all night; I feel it coming. All the traffic, we reroute around it through DC and Baltimore. Spence brothers take us in at 4 AM, crack a couple open. We’ve got work to do in the morning. Aren’t we all influenced more than we know? Calling the shots doesn’t mean you’ve got control. Got control. We've got control.
Bundleman 04:43
Call around, call around, see who else lost power in town. I’m at ease, I’m at ease, got my flashlight and alternative heat. You see, I’ve kept my distance, hoping to be met with resistance when the time comes. My heart goes numb, but then I hear a new song. Follow the melody across the bridge, and I feel like a kid again. I’ve got nothing figured out. We’ve been through our own series of scenes, and I can’t see what you’ve seen. What makes people interested in things the other one has done and sit together and watch the setting sun? Play it for fun, hearts will go numb. Feel it in threes. On four we’ll repeat all the intricacies we think we have, but we’re not interesting. Interactions are interesting enough, so I won’t try to be. I won’t try to be. Can’t be called all cynical. Search for meaning too much to be meaningless. Can you come over to see what I’ve been working on? A little too much work to not be meaningful.
Slow Freeze 04:33
Kinda feels like we give up first just to start again. Pull some paper; grab a pen. I know how I want it to end. Catch myself daydreaming. It’s easier to finish than it is to begin. Wait up just trying to focus in, eyes blur and look for distractions. I’m all in just about half the time; it’s time I need to stop wasting. Start over.
Start straight from the top, remember which way I walked. Trace steps I’ve misplaced between the top and its base. Stomping through mud puddle seas, sit back and watch the earth bleed. You were there, I think, through Caroline but turned off somewhere before the Tennessee state line. Come back around, you know the way it works. Am and about to become was, have been, and were. We’re out of entertainment; every song gets old. You’ll feel polarity further down the road. We’re going nowhere, baby, nowhere. Up straight, about face, and walk the other way. We’re going nowhere anymore, nowhere. I’ve been wondering just going along. We’ll look back and think how fun it was. What we’ve become: didn’t see it coming. Love marked down.
Coasting 03:29
Say the first thing that pops in to a brain that’s been coasting, coasting along. As we talk without talking, I’ve got preconceptions: reset them all. Stuck playing entertainer. Wanna drive to the mountains and stay through the fall. To me, silence isn’t awkward. I prefer it to forcing; I’ve forced all year long. Lately I can’t be serious. Life’s too short to be so intense. I’m not feeling like wasting time. I can’t, and I won’t.
All You Want 03:39
And it’s all you want: to be facing forward. I can tell you know it’s close to impossible. Unrelated to all the things you’ve been hating on, it’s not so bad. Tell me you know what they’ve been going through I’d question it, but I’m glad you might be trying. What to do today? Always busy doing something. Making time from scratch. If I don’t, well I’ll have nothing. I want to feel lighthearted inside your apartment, it’s a start. And it’s all you want: to be facing forward. I can tell you know it’s close to impossible. Impossible.
Unglued 04:03
Flipping through the photographs and ticket stubs. I can’t believe we wore that. I pictured us like my mom and dad. From the start I longed for you to ask. Forever seemed like it couldn’t pass, couldn’t pass. Wanna make it last. So when 5 o’ clock comes ‘round, I’ll know you won’t be heading home. I’ve become unglued. Need to know more than ever what you would do. I am lost, but I feel you. Try and get through all the firsts, the holidays. The seconds might be easier. Don’t want this phase to be forfeited. Will relief mean that the memories end? Trade healing for pain if it would mean I don’t forget. Past tense comes so fast. When our daughter walks the aisle, I’ll feel you. As her brothers watch and smile, I’ll see you. Happiness was a part of us, and I do promise I won’t forget I had and have you. Reading backs of photographs. Ninety-two. Drove the coast, still have the map. I picture you. We are Mom and Dad.
Oh well, know not whether to buy or sell. It’s funny: we’ve no clue. I guess we never do. I’ve been halfway between here and Oregon and ended right where I began. I know the way to and from your house though a ways down Orchard Road, unwind and let it go. We’ll live. Yeah, we’ll forget and we’ll forgive because we’re sensitive. I’ve been gone for too long. That happens to be matter of fact: I watch how you react. See how different people respond now when placed in different crowds. Take, well me and you, it’s just us two not influenced by anything. Make my mind up for me; I’ve seen all I care to see for too long. I hate over-thinking. Yeah I tend to frequently. Sitting here beside all the places I want to be. Now I no longer know the way I used to feel. Our memories too full, what’s real?
What you’ve got to use is what you’ve got to lose. I’ve added up all the things that I abuse. We could keep tabs on all the things we used to be. You think you’ve got more than me, but I know it is not true. It isn’t true at all. You climb twelve stories tall to fall because you feel you threw it all away. Threw a choice the wrong way. I wanna get on a boat and ride out West until the sun goes, until the sun goes down. You feel you’ve been used: an empty bowl, some old shoes. You feel you’ve been used. You feel you've been used up. What you’ve got to use is what you’re going to lose.


PETS PETS is Gamenight's fourth release and second full length.


released August 27, 2013

Gamenight is...
Joshua Manis . guitar and vocals
Robby Kerr . guitar
Matthew Presley . bass
Brandon Manis . drums


Drums recorded by Travis Kammeyer at Fahrenheit Studio in Johnson City, Tennessee. Sept 2012. Guitars and bass recorded by Matt Weber at The Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Oct 2012. All vocal, banjo, mandolin, keyboard, and auxiliary tracks performed and recorded by Joshua Manis at The Lark Lane House in Knoxville, Tennessee, throughout early 2013. Mixed by Matt Weber, Mastered by Dave Downham at The Gradwell House. All songs written by Gamenight. All lyrics written by Joshua Manis. Lodging, Tastykakes, cereal, hotdogs, hamburgers, and alcohol provided by Andrew and Jason Spence. Chinese food take out suggestions provided by Matt Weber. Cover photography, art design, and layout by Brandon Manis. Booklet photography by Gamenight and friends. Additional photography by Mar Starr. www.pictographybymargaret.com.


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